Book #7 for Mel, This Bank and Shoal of Time

New Book came out in November 2020
New Book came out in November 2020

Mel's latest book, This Bank and Shoal of Time, described:

“this bank and shoal of time..." It is said that in this line from Macbeth, William Shakespeare was thinking about consequences to actions, and choices that affect one’s current life--as well as our less tenuous, future life. In choosing this title Senator continues with his consideration of how looking back informs the present and hopefully whatever is to come. This new collection of poems is as layered and varied as Senator’s other books, covering everything from the foibles of age to the follies of youth, the enduring innocence and poignant comedy of the animal world. He takes us from humor to deep terror, family interaction to friendly intrigue. But in this new book Senator peers inwardly even more, uncovering some pain but also finding tremendous relief in the process. We are right there with him as he remembers young fatherhood, new marriage, or recognizes the limitations of growing older--but regrets nothing. Indeed, Senator’s strength as a writer springs from his flashes of vulnerability and honesty, buffered by his courage and open-hearted nature. At times humor and flights of fancy have the last word here. But make no mistake: this work is a powerful current cutting through the effluvia and debris of life, always searching for new paths, no matter where they may lead. This delicious work should be savored in small sips, but I guarantee you will keep coming back for more. 

Susan Senator, Author

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Since I have been editor of this blog, I have been constantly amazed at the talents of our members and am so glad when I can let others know too.  We are priveleged to have worked with such an amazing group of people.   Mel Senator retired in 1995 as House Master for Fairfield High School . He has done a considerable amount of writing since his retirement. What follows is on the jacket of his latest book of poetry, The Constant Floe of Thoughts .  Available at:

More information on Mel's other poetry collections at:

Right from the title itself, The Constant Floe of Thoughts challenges you to see even the simplest things in life through the prism, the old silvered looking glass, of Mel Senator’s mind.  Senator struggles with the ice floe that is his aging self, whether approaching him threateningly, or moving away again, a reprieve.  With crystalline imagery and delicate description, his poems lay out his aching heart, the deep layers of love for his wife, mother, friends, children, nature. He is both one with his surroundings and standing slightly off-center, observing with sun-wrinkled eye. Constant Floe is sunset, the ravishing glory of the end of things, which Senator accepts and even welcomes with reverence, humor and affection. The Constant Floe of Thoughts is a treasure from start to finish.

Mel Senator, author of Catskill Summers (2000), Reflections in Haiku (2006), Soft Landings in Poetry (2009), Soft Landings in Poetry (2011), and Soft Landings Finale (2014), is an adjunct professor of American History and Teacher Educations.  He and his wife, Shelly, enjoy hiking and biking the shores along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  Summers are spent at their home in Cape Cod near the national seashore.

Lucie Berinstein Hinden 13.09.2021 02:21

I would very much like to get in touch with Mel Senator. I was a young Yale MAT graduate when I was hired, together with my good friend Liz Willis.

Joseph Zapytowsli 26.12.2020 14:44

Mel, congratulations once again. So very good to hear about your newest contribution to humanity. I hope all is well with you. Best holiday wishes.
Joe Z

Mel Senator 26.12.2020 14:48

Thank you for your kind words. Stay safe. Mel

Augusto from Simplesite 24.12.2020 14:07

Dear Paula,

I am posting this comment to confirm that the comments feature is working normally on your page.

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