Back to School for 2020- 2021-2022 Retirees

It was a joyful celebration at Tashua Knolls on Friday, August 12, 2022.  We were celebrating the retirees of 2020-2022 with our traditional "Back to School". Many were not able to attend, but REF was delighted to see and congratulate the following:

1.     Abraham, Cheryl - 2020

2.     Bonenfont, Maureen - 2020

3.     Cimina, Monica - 2021

4.     Delahunt, Debbie -2022

5.     de Regt, Nancy - 2021

6.     Dushok, Muriel - 2021

7.     Flashman, Michelle – 2022

8.     Foster, David - 2020

9.     Glogan, Gail - 2022

10. Kohler, Cheryl - 2022

11. Labrecque, Cheryl- 2022

12. Maloney, Susan - 2022

13. Natali, Blanche - 2022

14. Prins, Ruth - 2021

15. Stebbins, Rodger - 2022

16. Sugrue, Suzanne - 2022

17. Vickerelli, Karen - 2021

Each of our "newbies" expressed great pleasure at their retirement and shared their plans for the future, One even has plans for performing on stage as a comedienne. Many just want to relax and enjoy having more "me" time for now. 

REF wishes much happiness to those above as well as all the retirees of the last 3 years who were not able to attend.

The celebration was originally planned to be in a tent , but, because of a glitch in communications, we ended up inside. There were no complaints, and all were grateful for the AC. We enjoyed a delicious brunch and some wonderful fellowship. There was so much joy and moving around to converse that it wasn't possible to photo each of the 8 tables. Sorry if you were there but your photo isn't here.

The brunch was provided courtesy of REF, but guests donated $690 toward next year's 2 REF $1,000 scholarships . Thanks to all for your generousity. Any of you who were unable to attend and would like to contribute can find info here:

Many thanks to Amy Dezenzo and the REF Activities Committee (Cissy Hudzik, Dick Dezenzo. Lois Neville) for planning the event and best wishes to Amy who is recovering from surgery and wasn't able to attend the brunch. 

In addition, many thanks to Donna Coble and Linda Chandler, our Membershio Committee, for preparing and mailing out the 93 invitations to retirees of the past 3 years. Sorry that all could not attend.

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