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Fun at Boothe Park

   by Betty Mulholland (ret. 1996 from Riverfield)

 When I retired, I missed spending time with the children. As it happened, I visited Boothe Park in Stratford, close to my home.   The park is set on many acres of land and has some 10 or so buildings.  The Boothe Brothers left a wealth of history in those buildings.    

    I met with Bessie Burton, who runs the volunteer program and just about everything else at the park.  She told me about the school program they have for second and fifth graders. It sounded like something I would enjoy, being a retired teacher.    

    The program involves a morning at the farm. There are usually six stations that the children visit.  They learn about different aspects of farm life.  Since I had an interest in weaving and spinning, I became involved with those two stations.  I weave rag rugs with the children.  We use a big two hundred year  old loom.  I also show the children the process of getting wool from the sheep and ultimately spinning it into yarn for knitting, weaving or crocheting.  Remember the Sheep to Shawl program for second graders.      

    The other stations include touring the homestead, working in the kitchen making pancakes, apple cider, and/or sausages depending on season and grade level.  There is a blacksmith shop component, transportation, farming and stiltmaking.

    The program runs in the spring and fall. It is handled all by a wonderful group of volunteers.  When the school program is over, many of the volunteers find odd jobs to do around the park to keep it shipshape.      

    So if you are looking for a great place to do some volunteering, please come to Boothe and see us in action.   You can contact me at for more info or call me at 203-556-7278.

Come!  You'll love it

Editor's note: Check out Boothe Park on the Volunteerism blog page.

Bethlehem Fair 2013

I was thrilled this September (2013) to win first prize for my art work in the 89th Bethlehem Fair in Bethlehem, CT. Here are some photos of three pieces which were selected, two honorable mentions in addition to the first prize. That is my grand-nephew with me. He is a ribbon-winning artist as well.
Over the past few years, I have entered artwork in the Fair. Previously, I have received another Blue Ribbon for first place and a Red Ribbon for second place.
This year was the first time all three of my entries were recognized.
For the month of September (2013), I have two paintings in the Firehouse Gallery in Milford. This was a juried show and both my entries were accepted by the judge from Yale Art Gallery. It was special to have the artwork selected.
I have worked in several mediums: watercolors, acrylic, mixed media, and now a new technique for me: encaustic wax. I use color pigment that has been mixed with bee's wax. The wax is heated on an iron and then worked onto the surface. I am exploring abstract works now with this process. It is so much fun. I am making these pieces into cards and small 5"by7" matted pieces.
On October 5th from 10-3 I will be exhibiting and selling this artwork at Oronoque Village's Art Show. It will be held at the North Community Building.

First prize winner at 2013 Bethlehem Fair (pictured with my grand-nephew who is also a prize-winning artist.)
One of my faves (honorable mention at the 2013 Bethlehem Fair.)
Another honorable mention at 2013 Bethlehem Fair.

Museum Piece in Florida

The new Elliot Museum in Stuart, Florida. Check out their exciting web site:

I just wanted to share that I was fortunate enough to have one of my paintings exhibited as part of the Art Associates of Martin County Art Show at the Elliot Museum in Stuart.  The old museum was torn down and a brand new one was built in its place.  The Museum's opening exhibit on March 3rd was the DaVinci Man and Machine exhibit.  Our art show exhibit was going on from March 15th to April 1st, so my painting was on exhibit the same time as the DaVinci exhibit. Donna Coble was here and attended our opening night reception.  It was pretty special.

April Wysocki 15.04.2014 00:38

Betty Mulholland was my 1st year 3rd grade teacher. I'm so proud of her. She was always a very good friend to me for many years. I wish her all my love.

Paula S. (the blog editor) 15.04.2014 01:41

I will forward this comment to her, April. I'm sure she will be pleased. She is indeed an outstanding individual!!!!

Bonnie Usinger 19.10.2013 17:50

Betty, surprised to see you are working in encaustics. I just spent 2 hours looking for a workshop in that medium.went to art gallery in Chester, Ct and saw

julie gogol 16.09.2013 19:10

Good for you Betty! It is truly wonderful when a person can do what they love and you certainly exemplify that as does your glorious art. Here's to You!

Iris Gomberg 16.09.2013 09:58

Congratulations, Betty! What a lovely artist you are! It was a great feeling seeing you once again.
All the best,
Iris Gomberg

Gail Thompson 15.09.2013 02:04

Congratulations, Betty. What wonderful art work! I am so happy for you.

Ellen Humphrey 14.09.2013 17:00

Congratulations, Betty! Your skills as an artist keep growing and impressing all. Best of luck as you continue on this path.

Paula S. 14.09.2013 15:33

What an impressive set of paintings, Betty! You certainly manage to keep busy and productive.

June MacKenzie 01.03.2013 02:28

Bet, won't you be surprised when I show up as a student! Thank you again for your great teaching of Anna in second grade at Riverfield. June MacKenzie

Paula S. 24.10.2012 16:19

What great way to contribute your teaching skills and have fun at the same time.

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