Milt Jacoby Recieves Prestigious Award

Stephanie Barnes, a fellow realtor, presents Milt with the Yvette McDonald Award.

Milt Gives Back

Milt Jacoby received the prestigious Yvette McDonald Award at the October 8, 2014 Fairfield Board of Realtors meeting. This award is given annually to a Realtor who is an outstanding professional and who has also given back to the community, and he has done that in so many ways. Congratulations, Milt. So happy you have been recognized for all that you do-well deserved!!!!

Among the many ways that Milt gives back to the community, read about the Jacoby Fund which benefits the Pediatric Center at Bridgeport Hospital ....  Click on Read the story of how the Jacoby Fund began. Click on Member offers for that story. And those of us attending the Holiday Parties over the last two years have enjoyed his gift of beautiful holiday music. Check out his business cards on our Business Supporters page.

Bill Stansfield 05.11.2014 21:06

Congratulations from Jane and me - Well deserved!

Jo-Ann Olsen 05.11.2014 18:12

Congrats to my desiring and very caring friend Milt

Pat O'Dwyer 05.11.2014 15:01

Congratulations Milt, I've always admired your work with Bunney in giving back, ie, the beautiful children's ward at Bdgpt.Hosp.scholarship&your musical talent.

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