Life in San Diego

Pat and Phil
We live in the high rise on the left.

Life In San Diego

by Pat Pressel (ret. 1999 from Fairfield High School)


Phil and I retired to San Diego in 1999.  San Diego has an eclectic choice of activities.  Along with the the many well-known tourist destinations: the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park and the Midway Museum; it has wonderful outdoor activities: beaches, hiking trails, sports, sailing, etc.; and an abundance of cultural venues: theater, major league sports, jazz clubs, farmers markets, etc.

We live in a downtown high rise by San Diego bay.  It allows us a very easy and interesting lifestyle. We have a lap pool so are able to swim daily. Being close to great restaurants, museums, theaters and transportation we are able to walk to our favorite places. Downtown offers endless special events such as art shows, concerts, and military expos. Our closest neighborhood is Little Italy.  That area has an active association that provides almost weekly events: Italian car shows, Stickball Tournaments, bocce, Festivals etc.

Despite Phil having several serious health problems we have done well as we have great medical care.  In the middle of September, we are lucky to be leaving for a month in Europe.

We stay busy with volunteer work, swimming, and fun with friends.  I do fund raising for a local library which is very rewarding as we are able to provide programs as well as books and supplies. The Home Owners Association also takes up a great deal of my time.  I have not really transitioned to retirement, as I am busy every minute. The weather allows us to be outdoors all year.  San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City” and this certainly applies to the weather.

Phil is writing a book about his work at Perkin Elmer. He worked on a classified program for over twenty hears. It was the last film based spy satellite program. The program was declassified last year so his manuscript is now in the hands of several publishers. He also officiates at the Olympic Training Center which has afforded us friendships with many current and past Olympians.

Several of my former students are in Southern California and we are lucky to be able to see them from time to time. We do miss all our friends and family on the east coast and would love to see anyone who is in the area (

Colleen Kelly 17.11.2012 10:55

Hi Pat,
So nice to see your face and hear how engaged you are in life. I returned Thursday from Israel and Jordan, a challenging, exciting trip. Colleen

PAT 17.11.2012 17:24


Tony Crusi 08.11.2012 23:37

Mrs. Pressel was a cool history teacher and very inspiring. Her classes taught me a lot and she got you to work too.

Pat 09.11.2012 15:12

Thank you. - I had wonderful students who taught me more than I taught them.

Paula S. 18.10.2012 22:09

You make San Diego sound like paradise. How wonderful to live there.

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17.06 | 18:00

Hi, Yes I am still working in CT but am cutting back. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your concerns and determine if I can help.

17.06 | 14:40

Are you currently working in CT. If so I would like to use your education advocate services for our 8 year son

15.06 | 20:43

Our battles were fierce but always cordial and a handshake from Dr/ Z was was his bond.I share your loss.

15.06 | 19:03

Yes, Colleen, I remember him as a true gentleman who led with respect for all. Truly inspiring!